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This page contains addresses to some of the vast numbers of sites which relate to the technologies which support human-to-human communication.
Telecommuting, Teleworking, and Alternative Officing
This page consolidates a wide variety of information from around the world, and from many different perspectives, on the subjects of telecommuting, teleworking and flexible work. The objective is to provide a "one-stop service" for practitioners, researchers, policy-makers and others interested in this rapidly-evolving field.
Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
A conference with many tracks... including one collaborative technology. Has the virtue of being early in January (while there's still money in the budget for travel)... and in Hawaii (good for those of us from cold places)!
WWW Instructor's Manual: LEARNING ON THE WEB 96
Site is aimed at providing teachers with some initial support for using the Web and for creating learning environments on the Web.
a WWW hosted brainstorming service utility provided by the Faculty of Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
Basic Support for Cooperative Work
"The BSCW Shared Workspace System supports efficient group cooperation using the World Wide Web as the communication infrastructure." The system is available free of charge for non-commercial use.
Eden Systems "The Meeting Room"
"This intuitive groupware program provides virtual conferencing on your networked PC's"
"Consensus wants you and your organization to become more productive through the use of the internet, groupware, and other collaborative productivity tools."
Virtual Society Project
the Virtual Society Project is an umbrella for a set of research projects within Sony CSL that are investigating how the future online community will evolve.
"The Clearinghouse for Information on Collaboration Technologies, Tools and Methods" hosted by Collaborative Strategies, Inc.
Computer Mediated Communication Magazine
a publication reporting about people, events, technology, public policy, culture, practices, research, and applications of computer-mediated communication
Journal of Computer Mediated Communication
a scholarly publication with an interesting web site
The International Academy of Business Disciplines (IABD) EIGHTH ANNUAL MEETING
April 11-14, 1996, Rockville, MD, USA (near Washington D.C.) The conference will focus on: "A Strategic Approach to Globalization Through Technology and Diversity". Papers are requested in the area of On-line Technology in Management. For more information please contact:
Dr. Marsha Woodbury,
Track Chair for On-line Technology in Management FAX 217-356-7050
Galaxy: Electronic Mail Systems, Computer Mediated Communication, Computer Technology, Engineering and Technology
More technical (hardware / software) than some of these references. Includes current news items.

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