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Groupware Info on the Web
this will get you Yahoo's current list
Open Computing Cover Story on Groupware
Groupware Technology Audits
Pointers to Word 6.0 documents (zipped) which contain technology assessments for many major groupware packages. Written by the Butler Group, UK.
Groupware Central
Groupware Central is the electronic successor of Groupware Report and is a part of ISWorld. Provides information of interest to both researchers and users of groupware.
"The Clearinghouse for Information on Collaboration Technologies, Tools and Methods" hosted by Collaborative Strategies, Inc.
CSCW & Groupware
Tom Brink's site. As he defines it: "Groupware" is often used to specifically denote the technology that people use to work together, whereas "CSCW" refers to the field that studies the use of that technology. Lots of links to other sites.
Group Support System List
Mailing List: discussion on topics relating to the use of group support, or group decision support systems
Dr. Murray Turoff's home page
Here (under the "Papers" heading) you will find a chapter from a recent book on the topic "Electronic Delphis", as well as papers on the Virtual Classroom (collaborative learning) and electronic marketplaces.
News Group: all about groupware, from "what is it?" to technical questions. There is a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) files published periodically, which contains lots of information on products and people in the groupware arena.
The Institute for the Study of Distributed Work
"The ISDW is a non-profit educational research organization established in 1990 as a response to the need for reliable data concerning emerging new ways of working. Our primary purpose is to conduct applied social scientific action research regarding the emergence of the electronically distributed global workplace."
Awakening Technology
Home page of the company founded by Peter and Trudy Johnson-Lenz -- who coined the term groupware back in the '80's
GroupKit (Shareware)
"GroupKit is a freely-available groupware toolkit developed at the University of Calgary. It is used for developing real-time conferencing applications. These are groupware applications such as drawing tools, editors and meeting tools that are shared simultaneously among several users. The distribution includes not only the core toolkit but over 20 example groupware tools. "
Socrates Online
Socrates Online is a groupware product that competes with Notes in many ways. There are also many differences between the two. An "interactive business communications and information system designed to facilitate focused project management / team computing within the construction, legal, engineering, and environmental management industries."
Vineyard: The Visual Information Manager for Workgroups
"Vineyard creates a new way of managing the shared information and documents of a workgroup. The program combines the functionality of products from several categories, like personal information managers, contact managers, relational databases, free-form mindmapping tools, and email systems into a seamless collaborative computing environment. Information can be versatilely refined, classified and made available to all users of the system effectively, safely and lucidly."
"puts you and your colleagues a mouse click away from creating and managing personal and work related project information. Request a team member's help, carry on live discussions, review documents and drawings, or share contacts, all in the context of an easy to use project window. GroupWorks even tracks all of your personal assignments across all projects."
Eden Systems "The Meeting Room"
"This intuitive groupware program provides virtual conferencing on your networked PC's"
Which & Why
" Which & Why is "decision valuation software" that simplifies arranging, prioritizing, and evaluating criteria. It can help you to structure and compare the relevant variables during the decision-making process."
"Consensus wants you and your organization to become more productive through the use of the internet, groupware, and other collaborative productivity tools."
Virtual Society Project
the Virtual Society Project is an umbrella for a set of research projects within Sony CSL that are investigating how the future online community will evolve.
a WWW hosted brainstorming service utility provided by the Faculty of Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
Basic Support for Cooperative Work
"The BSCW Shared Workspace System supports efficient group cooperation using the World Wide Web as the communication infrastructure." The system is available free of charge for non-commercial use.
Work Talk
neat e-zine on what's happening in the workplace
The International Academy of Business Disciplines (IABD) EIGHTH ANNUAL MEETING
April 11-14, 1996, Rockville, MD, USA (near Washington D.C.) The conference will focus on: "A Strategic Approach to Globalization Through Technology and Diversity". Papers are requested in the area of On-line Technology in Management. For more information please contact:
Dr. Marsha Woodbury,
Track Chair for On-line Technology in Management FAX 217-356-7050

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