Group Performance Systems, Inc.: Company Information

Group Performance Systems:
Company Information

Group Performance Systems, Inc. (GPS) creates interactive multimedia systems to help people communicate and work together with skill, with ease, and with success! Our initial products deliver simulation-based soft skills training via CD-ROM, intranet, or the World Wide Web.

Most sizable companies and organizations are struggling to

Teamwork is the increasingly popular and widespread solution. But learning to work well with others is difficult: the 'soft stuff' is the hard stuff. Traditionally, businesses support teamwork with conventional training: classrooms, handbooks, lectures. But collaboration is a learned skill that must be practiced under expert guidance (You can't learn to swim from a video tape!). And effective skill training must be continuous and progressive (you forget what you don't practice), and personalized (one size doesn't fit all).

Pilots train with flight simulators, where they can practice critical and dangerous situations under safe, controlled conditions. Similarly, with our multimedia teamwork simulator products YouWin! and SuperlaTeam, users can experience and practice handling difficult situations before actually confronting them. These products deliver effective training in conflict management, coping with difficult people, dealing with diversity, interpersonal communication, team building and maintenance, and facilitation.

With our unique and comprehensive blend of expertise in organizational psychology and development, groupware technology, simulation based training, performance support, software systems, and management, we are developing the perfect solutions for 'soft skills' training.

We desire to partner with investors and clients who grasp our vision and understand its potential. With their financial support, GPS will strengthen its business and development teams, and complete and launch its products.

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Group Performance Systems, Inc.
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