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Learning Organization List
The mailing list on learning organizations.
Learning Organization
great stuff about Learning Organizations
SLOW: Stanford Learning Organization Web site
"This resource list derives, in part, from the recommended reading list for CTL 182 Creating a Learning Organization taught by Dr. James Milojkovic in the Center for Teaching and Learning at Stanford University."
Review of The Fifth Discipline
written by John Paul Fullerton
Organizational Learning and Information Systems
"Organizations are increasingly paying attention to the concept of organizational learning in order to increase competitive advantage, innovation, and effectiveness. Learning occurs due to the influence of various factors such as structure, strategy, environment, technology, and culture. There has been very little research on the influence of technology, especially information systems, on organizational learning. This paper identifies aspects of organizational learning that can benefit from the use of information systems."
Organizational Learning & Knowledge Management
Organizational Learning Articles, Books & Bibliographies, Other Organizational Learning Resources on WWW, Tools for Organizational Learning, Related Topics
"This website is an invitation to the thinkers and doers of the community movement to use the Web, the fastest growing segment of our global nervous system, to make a more generative contribution to business and other organizations assisting them in becoming communities -- intelligent social organisms.
Bernie (Dr. Fun) DeKoven
DeKoven is a pioneer of technologies for collaborative work and play. Lecturer, author, and award-winning game designer, Bernie actually devotes his life to making the world more fun. In this series of commentaries, "Dr. Fun" shows how to apply the principles of playfulness to games, work and life generally.
OBTC '96
"The Organizational Behavior Teaching Society invites you to participate in the 23rd annual Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference (OBTC '96) to be held at Keene State College in Keene, New Hampshire, USA on June 5-8 1996. Our conference activities will take us on an intellectual and spiritual journey as we explore ways we can be innovative, collaborative and joyous in our teaching. Rather than coming to this conference to get answers, we will come to ask questions and discuss controversies, share ideas, and leave enriched." For more information, contact Daniel P. Moore, Member of OBTC '96 Committee, (603) 535-2525 or email
WWW Instructor's Manual: LEARNING ON THE WEB 96
Site is aimed at providing teachers with some initial support for using the Web and for creating learning environments on the Web.
Innovative Thinking Convergence '96
Innovation -- the Next Leap. Conference: February 25-29, 1996 Santa Barbara CA USA

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