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Here it is! All the great stuff that wouldn't fit under the 12 subject headings we have on our home page! These places are just as interesting... they just didn't fit our "cookie cutter"!

Are you new to the net? Need information on what a News Group or Mailing List is? See Before the Web

Training and Management Development via the Internet
"A site devoted to exploring corporate training and management development via the Internet, including e-mail conferencing, BBSs, WWW-sites, and MOOs. Developed by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson"
a virtual gold mine of resources for the net-wise Training Community
Training and Development List
a bigMailing List (1900+ members worldwide) on topics relating to... guess what!
The Virtual Office for the Human Resources Professional
If you want to... easily find information on the Internet related to Human Resources, both learn and share your knowledge and experience with other professionals in your field, experiment with the concepts of the Virtual Office using a variety of tools and functions ...then this is the place for you.
Human Resources Net
Mailing List: sponsored by the Academy of Management, on topics relating to Human Resources and Personnel
SHRM World Wide Web page
"The Society for Human Resource Management is the leading voice of the human resource profession, representing the interests of more than 67,000 professional and student members from around the world." This site provides information on membership, as well as magazine and book excerpts, and links to other HR related sites.
Crisis Prevention Institute
"CPI offers training in the safe management of disruptive and assaultive behavior, as well as other topics."
News Group: for people interested in all aspects of educating and training adults
A service dedicated to the development and advancement of Skills and Skill Standards.
SkillsNet List
Mailing List: "Information designed to Build Tomorrow's Skills Standard"
A Solid Investment: Making Use of the Nation's Human Capital
Official site for retrieving a copy of the 52 page final report, dated 22 November 1995, from The Glass Ceiling Commission. Contains 12 recommendations for business and government to eliminate the barriers that keep minorities and women out of the executive suite.
The Industrial/Organizational Psychologist
TIP is the official newsletter of the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology (SIOP)
Organizational Issues Clearinghouse
The Organizational Issues Clearinghouse (OIC) list provides a forum for the distribution of calls for papers, conference announcements, special journal issue announcements, etc. dealing with organizational issues. It is intended to bridge the gaps between various discipline based organizational researchers. The current membership includes members of anthropology, sociology, psychology, management, political science, library studies, nursing, and health management departments.
Organizational Design List
Mailing List: small, mostly students and professors
Organizational Change List
Mailing List:
News Group: this group was founded by a facilitator who wanted to talk to other facilitators. Unfortunately, the word facilitation is used for too many things -- some people believe this is a group about how to get a business started. It isn't. But it is a good place to get information relating to group and/or meeting facilitation.
International Association of Facilitators
IAF Conference 96
The International Association of Facilitators presents Conference '96; The Art and Mastery of Facilitation. January 12-15 1996. Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, USA.
Business Process Reengineering List
Mailing List: about the buzzword and things that relate to BPR
Creativity and Creative Problem Solving List
Mailing List: about guess what! :-)
Business and Computer Cartoons
by Randy Glasbergen
The International Academy of Business Disciplines (IABD) EIGHTH ANNUAL MEETING
April 11-14, 1996, Rockville, MD, USA (near Washington D.C.) The conference will focus on: "A Strategic Approach to Globalization Through Technology and Diversity". Papers are requested in the area of On-line Technology in Management. For more information please contact:
Dr. Marsha Woodbury,
Track Chair for On-line Technology in Management FAX 217-356-7050
"This website is an invitation to the thinkers and doers of the community movement to use the Web, the fastest growing segment of our global nervous system, to make a more generative contribution to business and other organizations assisting them in becoming communities -- intelligent social organisms.
TASL - Training and Seminar Locators
good place to go if you're looking for training... or if you provide it
The Training Registry
another place to go if you're looking for training... or if you provide it.
Help Desk Institute
Information about the Help Desk Institute, conferences, books of interest.
Center For Creative Collaboration
a work in progress involving the use of collaboration within the training community
Participatory Initiatives
includes a collection of articles, bibliographies (extensive!) and other information on development communications, facilitation, participatory research and techniques, and training.
Using Virtual Interface Technology
citations on education and training applications of virtual interface technology
Computer-Training List:
Mailing List: Elliot Masie facilitates a discussion on using computers for training
Virtual Society Project
the Virtual Society Project is an umbrella for a set of research projects within Sony CSL that are investigating how the future online community will evolve.

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