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Want to get the most from people and from technology?

We can help you do it!

You already know how valuable groups and teams are, that the whole really can be greater than the sum of the parts! Great music takes both great instruments and well-trained performers that hear and respond to one another -- to create that sweet sound of success. Groups, too, need both the right tools and the right skills to perform at their best.

Our unique mix of expertise sets Group Performance Systems (GPS) apart: We know the hard stuff is the soft stuff, so we address both people skills and group support technology to help you get your groups in tune!

Our Consulting Services:

Our Training Programs:

Do you have a great band of soloists... and want a winning ensemble? Are you noticing dissonances -- falling productivity, uncomfortable interactions, conflict among collaborators? Because GPS listens from many directions, we can identify the root causes and give you realistic ways to improve. Or, we can affirm just how well you're playing!

Have GPS do a teamwork "harmony" review for your organization. We'll analyze

You'll get the complete score, along with directions to the future you want. It will tell you

With our unique and comprehensive blend of expertise -- in organizational psychology and development, groupware technology, scenario based training, performance support, software systems, and management --we can compose the perfect team technology and soft skills solution for your business.

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