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Group Performance Systems develops cost effective ways for people and teams to practice before they do the 'real thing'. We apply simulation based training technology to the skills that are essential to high performance teams but are difficult to learn and practice without jeopardizing "real" work.

Our teamwork trainer, SuperlaTeam, helps groups learn and practice the skills crucial for working well together, like taking on necessary roles and responsibilities, handling the addition or loss of team members, dealing with different personalities, and understanding different information sharing behaviors.

SuperlaTeam builds on the individual skills developed by using our YouWin! product, plus it lets people learn and practice together. By interacting with realistic simulations, team members not only get information about skills... they can actually practice them! And they can practice in the same room... or continents apart! SuperlaTeam can be used with a human facilitator... or SuperlaTeam itself can facilitate the session.

With our unique and comprehensive blend of expertise -- in organizational psychology and development, groupware technology, scenario based training, performance support, software systems, and management -- we are developing the perfect solution for teamwork training.

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