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hey... gotta have fun sometime!! Besides, he does great stuff about teams.
Laying the Foundations for Effective Teamwork Article by Gerard M Blair
Teaching by self-instruction: "Team skills may be developed in students by lectured instruction on these skills and by explicitly delegating to each team member the responsibility for applying them. This article outlines this approach and reviews student feedback on their own development."
On The Edge with Mike Finley
Various articles on teamwork and technology, including a networked excerpt from WHY TEAMS DON'T WORK: what went wrong and how to make it right by Harvey Robbins and Michael Finley
OBTC '96
"The Organizational Behavior Teaching Society invites you to participate in the 23rd annual Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference (OBTC '96) to be held at Keene State College in Keene, New Hampshire, USA on June 5-8 1996. Our conference activities will take us on an intellectual and spiritual journey as we explore ways we can be innovative, collaborative and joyous in our teaching. Rather than coming to this conference to get answers, we will come to ask questions and discuss controversies, share ideas, and leave enriched." For more information, contact Daniel P. Moore, Member of OBTC '96 Committee, (603) 535-2525 or email
Business Cartoons by Ted Goff
includes cartoons about teamwork and technology, suitable for newsletters, training manuals, etc.
Bernie (Dr. Fun) DeKoven
DeKoven is a pioneer of technologies for collaborative work and play. Lecturer, author, and award-winning game designer, Bernie actually devotes his life to making the world more fun. In this series of commentaries, "Dr. Fun" shows how to apply the principles of playfulness to games, work and life generally.
Work Talk
neat e-zine on what's happening in the workplace
The Industrial/Organizational Psychologist
TIP is the official newsletter of the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology (SIOP)
CHHRB Conference '95
"The Canadian Engineering Human Resources Board presents Conference '95: The Transdisciplinary Team: Key to Prosperity." A conference on building successful companies through transdisciplinary teamwork.
"This website is an invitation to the thinkers and doers of the community movement to use the Web, the fastest growing segment of our global nervous system, to make a more generative contribution to business and other organizations assisting them in becoming communities -- intelligent social organisms.
Organizational Issues Clearinghouse
The Organizational Issues Clearinghouse (OIC) list provides a forum for the distribution of calls for papers, conference announcements, special journal issue announcements, etc. dealing with organizational issues. It is intended to bridge the gaps between various discipline based organizational researchers. The current membership includes members of anthropology, sociology, psychology, management, political science, library studies, nursing, and health management departments.
TASL - Training and Seminar Locators
good place to go if you're looking for training... or if you provide it
The Training Registry
another place to go if you're looking for training... or if you provide it.
Center For Creative Collaboration
a work in progress involving the use of collaboration within the training community
Participatory Initiatives
includes a collection of articles, bibliographies (extensive!) and other information on development communications, facilitation, participatory research and techniques, and training.
Office of the American Workplace
U.S. Department of Labor, Best Practices Clearinghouse. If you're from the US, your tax $ paid for this information...

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