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Group Performance Systems applies simulation based training technology to 'soft skills' -- those 'people skills' that are so crucial but so difficult to practice without jeopardizing "real" work.

Our initial product, YouWin!, delivers basic and advanced training in the skills necessary for people to work well together, like active listening and conflict management. YouWin! can evaluate and certify skills, deliver effective training in weak or missing skills, and sharpen skills grown dull from disuse. The first release will address basic skills; subsequent releases will add more advanced ones.

YouWin! is used on a desktop or laptop PC, whenever and wherever convenient, via CD-ROM, intranet or the World Wide Web. By interacting with realistic simulations, students not only get information about skills -- they can actually practice them! And without the barriers that may occur in role-playing exercises.

YouWin! supplies only training that's actually needed -- it continually evaluates the user's skills, and adapts to fit that user's unique needs and preferences. Its scenarios can even be configured with personality models of actual people in the user's own work environment.

A group or organization benefits in two ways when its members use YouWin!. Not only do their 'soft skills' improve, but they acquire a common language for thinking about and talking about interaction issues -- a critical facility that's missing in untrained organizations.

With our unique and comprehensive blend of expertise -- in organizational psychology and development, groupware technology, scenario based training, performance support, software systems, and management --we are developing the perfect solution for 'soft skills' training.

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